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About Us

Welcome to your family brand SOLEIL

We are dedicated to delivering the BEST service that adds SUNSHINE to every member of your family every time you call on us at SOLEIL.

Our innovative and handmade quality products are manufactured with SPECIAL CARE and ATTENTION for the entire family.

At SOLEIL INNOVATES, we are committed to preserving our environment during all our business processes. We believe in a sustainable future for our planet thus for us ALL.

We are dedicated to designing our branded Soleil Innovates products with sustainable fabrics making it not only practical and stylish, but also environmentally friendly.

We have a “choice” to “choose” suppliers that are eco aware and who respects the environment in their business process. SOLEIL strives to empower local business in the UAE during their procurement management plan.

We pride ourselves in hand picking our fabrics and manufacture only SELECTIVE QUANTITIES in each style, so that everyone feels SPECIAL and UNIQUE in their shopping experiences at SOLEIL.

We adhere to legislation and enjoy being an economic contributor. We ADD VALUE and actively make a difference to our community whilst ensuring we produce QUALITY PRODUCTS and CUSTOMER SERVICE always.

As a TEAM with our STAKEHOLDERS, we have FUN getting the job done!

Corporate Slogan: THE GIFT is in the DETAIL

Sustainability Slogan: “IF YOU’RE NOT FINE, I AM NOT FINE”.

Company Values

SOLEIL INNOVATES short for “SOLEIL” commits to treating ALL OUR CUSTOMERS and OUR STAKEHOLDERS with respect and dignity.

Team SOLEIL shared values encompasses INTEGRITY that are embraced by all working with us.

Our efforts as team SOLEIL are to produce quality and SUSTAINABLE products which are innovative and makes a difference to OUR CUSTOMERS lives.


We stay innovative whilst delivering OUTSTANDING QUALITY products that are SUSTAINABLE.

Ensure that OUR CUSTOMERS enjoy their shopping experience and travel the journey with us.

SOLEIL Mission

We add to the quality of ALL Lives.


SOLEIL aims to positively contributes to organized and organic family lifestyle which saves you time and provides you comfort. We focus on offering products that are practical and user friendly for leisure life while travelling or just being at home with your family and friends.

When delivering your gifts we package them with special care and with the highest attention for detail because “YOU” are special to us.

Our Goals

SOLEIL’s immediate and steady goal is to create excellent service where we deliver our Customers PURCHASES and GIFTS hassle-free continuously. Our slogan “THE GIFT is in DETAIL” rings true to our vision. 

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